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Lab Pictures

Lab Equipment

Transfer system Trans-blot turbo (Biorad)

Cell counter CellDrop BF (Denovix)

Safety Cabinet SCV-1307CEII AB3 (Hitachi)

Ultra-low temp freezer SU780XLE (Global Cooling)

Thermal cycler Mastercycler (Eppendorf)

UV Stratalinker 1800 (Stratagene)

Microplate reader Multiskan FC (Thermofisher)

Ultrasonic homogenizer VCX-500 (S&M)

Liquid nitrogen tank 509X21S-70A (AGC techno glass)

Cytospin 4 (Thermofisher)

CO2 incubator (Thermoforma)

All-in-one microscope BZ-X700 (Keyence)

Thermal cycler Veriti 96-well (Thermofisher)

NanoPhotometer N50 (Implen)

Spectrophotometer Smart Spec 3000 (Biorad)

Real-Time PCR StepOnePlus (Thermofisher)

Refrigerated centrifugator AX-311 (Tomy)

Clean bench AH-130 (Astec)

Multi-gas incubator APM-30D (Astec)

Thermal cycler Mastercycler Nexus (Eppendorf)

Shake & Stack oven (Thermofisher)

Vacuum centrifugal concentrator VC-15SP (TAITEC)

Ultrapure water production Direct-Q3 UV (Merckmillipore)

Incubator IC402 97L (Yamato)

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