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Chromosome instability induced by a single defined sister chromatid fusion

Katsushi Kagaya, Naoto Noma-Takayasu, Io Yamamoto, Sanki Tashiro, Fuyuki Ishikawa, and Makoto T Hayashi

Life Science Alliance, 2020, Dec ; 3(12) DOI: 10.26508/lsa.202000911

Replication stress induces mitotic death through parallel pathways regulated by WAPL and telomere deprotection

V. Pragathi Masamsetti, Ronnie Ren Jie Low, Ka Sin Mak, Aisling O’Connor, Chris D. Riffkin, Noa Lamm, Laure Crabbe, Jan Karlseder, David C.S. Huang, Makoto T. Hayashi, and Anthony J. Cesare

Nature Communications, 2019, September 17; 10(1): 4224

Cell Death During Crisis Is Mediated by Mitotic Telomere Deprotection

Makoto T. Hayashi, Anthony J. Cesare, Teresa Rivera, and Jan Karlseder

Nature, 2015, June 25; 522: 492-496


A Genomics Approach Identifies Senescence-specific Gene Expression Regulation

Daniel H. Lackner, Makoto T. Hayashi, Anthony J. Cesare, and Jan Karlseder

Aging Cell, 2014, Oct; 13(5): 946-50


The Telomere Deprotection Response Is Functionally Distinct from the Genomic DNA Damage Response

Anthony J. Cesare, Makoto T. Hayashi, Laure Crabbe, and Jan Karlseder

Molecular Cell, 2013, July 25; 51(2): 141-155


DNA damage associated with mitosis and cytokinesis failure

Makoto T. Hayashi and Jan Karlseder

Oncogene, 2013 Sep 26; 32(39): 4593-4601


A Telomere Dependent DNA Damage Checkpoint Induced by Prolonged Mitotic Arrest

Makoto T. Hayashi, Anthony J. Cesare, James A. J. Fitzpatrick, Eros Lazzerini-Denchi and Jan Karlseder

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 2012 Mar 11; 19(4): 387-394


The heterochromatin protein Swi6/HP1 activates replication origins at the pericentromeric region and silent mating-type locus.

Makoto T. Hayashi, Tatsuro S. Takahashi, Takuro Nakagawa, Jun-ichi Nakayama and Hisao Masukata

Nature Cell Biology, 2009 March; 11(3): 357-362


Genome-wide localization of pre-RC sites and identification of replication origins in fission yeast

Makoto Hayashi, Yuki Katou, Takehiko Itoh, Atsutoshi Tazumi, Yoshiki Yamada, Tatsuro Takahashi, Takuro Nakagawa, Katsuhiko Shirahige and Hisao Masukata

EMBO Journal, 2007 March 7; 26(5): 1327-1339 

Telomere biology in aging and cancer: early history and perspectives.

Makoto T. Hayashi

Genes & Genetic Systems, 2017, accepted


DNA damage associated with mitosis and cytokinesis failure

Makoto T. Hayashi and Jan Karlseder

Oncogene, 2013 Sep 26; 32(39): 4593-4601


Regulation of DNA replication by chromatin structures; accessibility and recruitment.

Makoto T. Hayashi and Hisao Masukata

Chromosoma, 2011 Feb; 120(1):39-46 

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